Case Studies

Dean Morgan helps Chemfix and DM Print achieve ISO 14001 accreditation

Peter Kroeger helps Fifosystems Ltd with acquisition of Octavia Information Systems Ltd

Allied Hygiene gain accreditation thanks to Peter Jones expertise

England Win in South Africa.  Peter Kroeger helps Counterbooks expand

PMS Diecasting on the up thanks to Simon Lamb

Looking for Funds?  Peter Kroeger raises £200k working capital for client

Credit Crunch?  MCCR Associate Peter Kroeger raises £500k for growing business

Wakefield Acoustics Ltd.  65% increase in sales; and 25% improvement in productivity in year one.
Branova Ltd.  Thanks to MAS and MCCR we now have a 21stcentury manufacturing facility
Percy Hawkins & Son Ltd, (Kettering)
MAS EM, MCCR and sharing skills help Percy Hawkins double turnover

MCCR help KD Decoratives save £106k pa with Grant funded MAS intervention





Feb 2011.  MCCR Associates have conducted in excess of 1,000 MAS Manufacturing Reviews and undertaken some 450 Interventions to help clients improve their businesses.


Case Studies are a good way of seeing the variety of work we undertake.

Chemfix Products Ltd, Dewsbury
Dean Morgan has worked with Chemfix Products Ltd to????
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D M Print Ltd, Keighley.
MAS Specialist and leading Environmental practitioner Dean Morgan worked with DM Print to prepare the company for ISO14001 accreditation.

“Dean was the cornerstone of our efforts to introduce ISO14001 to DM Print.  He was instrumental in ensuring that our paperwork and controls were relevant and accurate, and indeed this was commented upon on our successful accreditation.  We have now retained Dean in order to assist our personnel to ensure that we maintain our standards and retain our accreditation.  He has been an asset to our business and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him.”

Tony Kemp

Managing Director, DM Print Limited


Fifosys Ltd acquire Octavia Information Systems Ltd
"Peter Kroeger is the consummate professional.  He knew exactly what had to be done, by whom and by when.  He chaired every meeting, kept me informed of the big picture, handled the detail, and cajoled everyone, including the sellers, to keep to the timetable. I had no idea how much work is involved in an acquisition. In fact, I suspect there is much more taking place than I actually saw since Peter, Colin Black and DMH Stallard handled so much of the detail.  I felt in very safe hands. Because of this, during the due diligence and contract process, I had the time to think very clearly about how I am going to merge the two businesses and was able to bounce ideas off Peter and Colin. I will make this acquisition a success and I look forward to working with Peter through the integration process and onto the next acquisition once this one is bedded in”

Mitesh Patel
Fifisys Ltd.

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CV Retail Ltd
I had met Peter Kroeger, of Kroeger & Co  some years ago but was reintroduced to him as a person who might be able to help.  His accounting software background, and his accreditation to the international network of Associates of the Institute for Independent Business, together with his own personal connections to South Africa, led me to engage him to research the structure, size and competitive position in South Africa for the Counterbooks application for Fuel Retailers and Convenience Stores." Read more
John Roberts
Managing Director
CV Retail Ltd

Allied Hygiene Ltd

“Quality Accreditation specialist, Peter Jones, has worked closely with us during the last 6 months to document and streamline our existing systems. As a result we are better able to answer the quality related concerns of our customers and seen an overall improvement the companies operations. We are now seeking ISO9001:2008 accreditation in 2011". Read more

John Prentice

Managing Director
Allied Hygiene Ltd

PMS Diecasting Ltd
Simon Lamb has been instrumental in helping us to overcome a period of turbulent trading conditions and technical problems. He helped us really focus what we were trying to achieve and the kind of customers we wanted to attract.  This allowed us to develop a clear vision and action plan for each department which linked to our overall strategy.  Having Simon visit us regularly gave us the discipline to get everyone together, set ourselves challenges and address issues.”
Gordon Panter Managing Director

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Geothermal Supplies Ltd
Peter Kroeger
predicted we would need some additional working capital so we engaged him to arrange that for the business.”

In June 2010 Peter Kroeger successfully arranged a £200,000 working capital facility for Geothermal Supplies.  “He prepared all the necessary plans and forecasts and assisted us in our negotiations with a range of finance providers, leading to a successful conclusion.  The business is now in great shape to continue its expansion, benefiting from a clear strategy. I have no hesitation in recommending Peter Kroeger to any business owner needing help to set out their strategic direction and raise finance.”

Kevin Bottomley. Managing Director
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General Carbide Europe Ltd

“We have certainly been through the mill. It takes an enormous amount of effort to position yourself to win a large order and then to win it. Having won the order, to find (in the midst of the credit crunch) that the working capital we needed to finance such a large order would be an issue, left us as very worried business owners.  Peter Kroeger’s calm assurance and real hard work and dedication, his ability to convince our Bankers and our largest supplier to support us, and the way he made a very complicated grant application process just happen so smoothly, is the reason our business future is now secure. We could not have done this without the expert, practical help that Peter provided. I have no hesitation in recommending Peter Kroeger as strategic thinker, successful fund-raiser and most of all as a true business “friend”.
Rod Print, Director and co-owner
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Wakefield Acoustics Ltd.
“The grant-subsidised consultancy help that
MAS has given us to implement improvements to our manufacturing operation has resulted in a 65% increase in sales; and 25% improvement in productivity in year one with further double digit sales and profit growth in year two. Getting our people behind the changes was critical and they have given us 110% support. The feedback we have had is that they now feel more involved and empowered.”
Jane Dawson, Managing Director
MAS specialists Stephan Matykiewicz and Ralph Woodhead began the project by carrying out a diagnostic review of the business and undertaking a value stream mapping process.
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Branova Ltd, Dewsbury.
“MAS consultant, Dean Morgan of MCCR & Associates, carried out a diagnostic report and advised us on setting up a manufacturing unit from scratch and even sourced the bottling machine for us. His advice was spot on and we now have a 21stcentury manufacturing facility which has enabled us to keep pace with the growing demand for our products .”
Dominic Barnes, Managing Director
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Percy Hawkins & Son Ltd. Kettering.
Peter Kroeger has been so good for us. He has provided outstanding help to us, in defining a strategy and developing a business plan, in raising us much needed grant finance where he “took the problem away” and did it all in an unfussy, practical and efficient manner, and against a very tight deadline. He arranged grant aided production consultancy and ensured its success. He looked past just the capital grant and ensured we have sufficient working capital to handle the increased business, helped us find a key employee and ensured we are legal in all things HR related. We could not have done this without help, and in Peter Kroeger (and his IIB network) we found all that we need. I have no hesitation in recommending Peter to any business owner who needs a true business friend and a helping hand to do the difficult stuff”.
Diane Grayson-Hawkins, Finance Director:
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KD Decoratives Ltd. Huddersfield. 
"I wish to thank MAS and Dean Morgan for the hard work and expertise they have provided to the directors and staff at KD Decoratives.  With their support our family business has a more professional approach and has provided us a greater awareness and ability to manage our production times, operation costs, cash flow and profitability.  The project has provided us with the right tools that we know we can build upon".
Richard Kitchen-Dunn, Chairman
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Chapmans Ltd.  Sheffield.  "We were starting on a major change to the way we ran our manufacturing plant when we were hit very badly by Sheffield's 'Big Flood' of June 2007.
Most of the factory was under 3 feet of water.  We decided to take advantage of the period of clean up and recovery to accelerate the planned change to planning and production.
Thanks to the intense guidance and direction activity by Neale Cook of MCCR & Associates and the enthusiasm of our staff we managed to bring forward the changes and complete the training"

David Byers. Managing Director
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